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In my 27 years of existence in this world, I’ve never really tried to read books about life. I only used to love reading entertainment books and hated reading “boring” ones likes these books about life. But surprisingly, reading  books about life wasn’t as boring as I thought it should be! It’s definitely life changing and a must do if you want to change your life and mindset! Why not read 10 pages of good book daily and consistently? You’ll be surprised of the results! Browse my blog if you want to know the effect of these books in my life.

Here are some of the books I’ve read which ended up very helpful not only to my blog but also to my life. Hit the links for each pictures below to order them thru Amazon.  I’ve also prepared the ebook versions in kindle below. Enjoy Shopping!

Hard copies

Kindle Version

This is way more cheaper compared to purchasing the actual book.  No shipping fee coz you just need to download and install the kindle app. After all, ebooks are now the latest trends, right?



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