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Why pursuing a passion outside of Motherhood is “A MUST” | Ft. A baker Mom from Lila, Bohol

I am a firm believer that everyone should pursue their passion and own happiness regardless of who they are and what their current situations are. That is why having to know the story of this baker mom from Lila, Bohol made me realize that Moms are not an exception of this crusade of mine. That moms should be pursuing a passion outside of Motherhood and that THEY SHOULDN’T FEEL GUILTY FOR IT.

Last December, I ordered a dark melted chocolate cake for my best friends’ birthdays from this pretty baker Mom who is also very close to my heart. Ate Che’s cake was moist with the perfect crumb and WE ALL LOVED IT. It was very tasty that while I was eating it, I got curious of how she was able to manage in baking such beautiful and yummy cakes while also taking care of her 1-year old and 8 years old kids.

**This is the delightfully Amazing cake I ordered. Isn’t she lovely?

Luckily, I had the chance to ask her about her journey and to be honest? I got really moved and inspired! After talking to her, I realized the importance of pursuing a passion outside of Motherhood which most of us seem to ignore. I felt like these takeaways are important things that Moms and aspiring Moms like me should be reminded of.

Many Moms are fighting their silent battles

Mothers are wonderful human beings. They are selfless, protective and caring. They love their children unconditionally and they are willing to sacrifice anything and everything for their family. That is why we have a lot of mothers out there who gave up their careers and passions to be a hands-on mom.

Well, that sounds noble, right? Of course, it is! Because motherhood is a noble and a fulfilling “job” but let’s admit the fact here. We have so many mothers out there who are silently fighting their own battles and depressions because they felt suffocated inside their house’ 4 walls attending to their family’s needs 24 hours a day but not having the time for themselves and for their passions.

Note that several articles and studies such as Stay-at-Home Moms Report More Depression, Sadness, Anger by Gallup and Stay-at-Home-Mom Depression Is Real—and Women Are Finally Talking About It by Glamour confirmed the same thing.

Ate Che also shared that while nothing can be compared to that fulfilling and proud feeling seeing her kids grow up and learning things day by day with her at their sides, sometimes it can be a little bit boring and suffocating as well being in their house 24 hours a day doing the same things over and over again.

This is one of the reasons why pursuing a passion outside of motherhood is “a MUST” especially for stay-at-home moms. Ate Che found her little bubble of happiness in baking and it started when her eldest son kept on requesting for cakes as his school ‘baon’.  And that’s where her baking journey begun which she did solely by self-study, watching youtube and reading books.

                                                              **This cake was made for her daughter’s 1st birthday. Cutie, right?

**This cake was for his son’s 8th birthday. Awwe, I am just speechless here.

A happy mom means a happy Home

Studies show that in families where the mother is unhappy, only about 55% of the children out of 60,000 households admitted that they are completely happy.

So yes, as cliche as it might sound but I really believe that moms should love and take care of themselves first for them to be able to take care and love their whole family. For example, a mom who never takes time for herself will feel stressed out, unhappy and unloved and when she does, it would be very hard for her to love and appreciate all of the people around her including her own family.

And so this is the second reason why pursuing a passion outside of Motherhood is ‘A Must”. Moms must go find their own bubble of happiness thru their passions or hobbies. Because who wouldn’t be happy if you’d have the time for yourself doing those things that you are passionate about, right? And when a mom is happy, her little family is happy as well because a mom’s laugh and radiating light is very contagious.

As ate Che shared based on her personal experience, her mood basically lights up whenever she bakes and receives appreciation of her works. Thus, giving her that happiness and “vitamins” to persevere no matter how hard everything is for her.

Another thing that I really want to add is, I personally believe that when a mother is happy doing the things that she is passionate about, it would send signals to her kids to not to be afraid to pursue their own dreams and happiness no matter what. Why? Because their mother showed them the way and they’ve witnessed that “happiness” first hand through their eyes.

Everything is possible with proper time management

 A lot of stay-at-home moms out there are afraid of pursuing their passions because they don’t want to lose time for their kids. Well, that’s one of the many worries of our Moms and as Ate Che even mentioned, “A Mom’s top priority is her kids and family”.

But should that hinder Moms from pursuing their passions? I don’t believe so because everything is possible with proper time management. And here’s what this passionate baker mom from Lila, Bohol can say about balancing her time as a mother and her small cake business.

She said:

“Balancing time by sorting:

  1. Priorities- My top priority is my responsibility and needs of my kids. I refuse orders if one of my kids get sick or if I need to attend to my kid’s activities at school or if no one else can take care of my kids while I’ll be baking.
  2. Planning ahead – If I accept orders, I always make sure to plan ahead by looking for someone who can take care of my kids while I work on the preparation like buying ingredients and baking and decorating the cake itself.
  3. Organizing schedule. – I do make sure to budget my time properly when I have cakes to bake or decorate

My Final Thoughts

So yes, family is of course the top priority of a mother but that doesn’t mean that a mother can’t get her own little dose of happiness aside from her precious family. Moms, it’s nice to give yourself some time to do things that you are really passionate about. Well, I know that a Mom’s greatest passion is taking care of her kids and family but I am talking about your personal passion here, that passion which makes “You” happy and not make “them” happy.

Am I making any sense here? Haha.  Anyway, Moms please don’t feel guilty for pursuing a passion outside of Motherhood, because you owe it to yourselves for a job well done!

Lastly, you, moms are amazing. You deserve all the love, attention & millions of thanks from your children & Family. To my mom, Ma, a million “Thank you!” ain’t enough, we love you! Ate Che, I salute you. You are such a wonderful mother.

P.S  For those who want to order cakes from this baker mom in Lila, Bohol, you can contact her thru her fb account – Tin Serv. It would be best to contact her ahead of the occasion’s schedule so she’d have plenty of time to prepare and plan her schedules. Cake pricing also depends on the type of cake (sample pictures below) you’d like to order.



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