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What it’s like to attend a “Connected women” event| a Boholana Blogger’s POV

(credits to the owner of the picture above – Connected Women Community)

The first time I’ve read about “Connected women” at one of its Facebook ad, I literally said, “wow, is this even legit?”. Yes, I was actually amazed and a bit hesitant about it. I mean, who wouldn’t be? The community offered a free training to all interested women entrepreneurs. Again, a FREE training at this age where nothing is free? Who does that? Apparently, the “Connected women” does.

Despite all my hesitations, I signed up for the event. I said, I wouldn’t lose anything if I’d attend, so why not? Wew, I thank God I did because the event was such a blast. And if you would ask me whether to recommend this or not? Well, I’ll let my experience tell you.

Scary and intimidating (or so I thought…)

“Will I fit in?”

“I don’t know how to start a conversation, what will I do?”

“I don’t have an established business yet, is it fine?”,

“What if all of the other attendees are well established business owners? Edi nganga ako?Echapwera, ganern?”

I had these questions in my mind when I entered the venue and I was ready to burst into tears when I saw all of these ladies talking to each other in groups. I was shaking and contemplating whether to look for a vacant seat or just leave. I was like, ”Oh shocks, I’m doomed. Everybody’s making friends already and here, I am, LOST”

Luckily, I found a vacant spot at the corner. For a few minutes, I kept my head down because I didn’t know what to do. Oh Yes, if it’s not obvious yet, I am an introvert,haha. But when someone approached me first and asked my name, that’s when I started spreading my wings at the workshop.

I started approaching these inspiring ladies and made friends with them. And then, I realized that “Damn! I was actually worrying for nothing earlier. Everyone’s a sister in here. No competition, just support and inspiration.”

Effective online marketing strategies shared by a renowned a UP Professor

  1. How to increase sales?
  2. Marketing vs Branding
  3. Determining your business’ audience
  4. How to create an effective Facebook and Instagram business page?
  5. How to create an engaging content?

These are just some of the many topics discussed during the workshop conducted by Prof. Aries Patawaran. He shared a lot of tips that I honestly didn’t expect I’d get for free. He made me realize how important marketing is for business and how adapting to your audience’s needs and interests must always be done.

The 4P’s – Product, Pricing, Promotion and Place- must also be considered firstly if you want to make your business a success. And with effective marketing plus a nice story to tell or what he called “branding”, one’s business will surely have a higher success rate.

Tips on how to start a business given by the Connected Women founder herself

The woman behind Connected women, Ma’am Gina Romero, gave an inspiring speech about how to start a business in this digital age. She’s such an amazing woman that when I heard her speak, I said “this is exactly the same woman I envisioned myself to be in the future, a woman who inspires people to believe in their dreams and work on them”

One of lines she said that I really like the most was when she said “Believe in yourself and do it anyway!”. It’s like something in me kicked in when she said that. Surely, I heard this exact same lines from a lot of people in the past but the way she said it? It was beyond powerful and inspiring. Truly delightfully amazing!

Even if it seems impossible, try it anyway

Three of the major takeaways I had during this workshop were the realizations: (1) Another reminder for myself that I actually have something great in me, (2) that I am creative in my own little way, And (3) that I should always believe in myself + God and try it anyway even if it seems impossible.

Let me tell you a short story behind this. I came in late at the workshop so I wasn’t there when the contest named “selfie contest” and its mechanics were announced. I didn’t know there was such until later when my cellphone was already battery drained.

When my phone shut down and then I learned about it, I said, “Awe, I guess this selfie contest is not for me”. So I just shrugged it off. But something in me – my intuition, I guess- kept on saying “charge your phone, charge your phone. Upload your picture”. And so I did. I searched for an outlet, went to the 2nd floor then went back to the 3rd floor and finally found one.

I charged it for 15 minutes, hastily took my selfie and submitted my post just a few seconds before the deadline.


While I was writing its description, I honestly didn’t think that there’s anything special about it. I was just following my intuition; to participate the contest and post a selfie.

Luckily and unexpectedly, I won. Haha. “There’s nothing special about it”, that’s what I again thought when I first saw my picture on the screen. But then I realized, surely there’s something in my post that made the judges choose me. Surely, I am creative enough in their eyes because they chose to give me the 1st prize. Surely, there’s something great in me that I should always remind myself of and celebrate with.

And then these realizations hit me:
  • Had I chosen not to follow my intuition, I wouldn’t have realized and proved to myself (again) that I definitely have something great in me.
  • Had I chosen to just accept my situation (without doing something), I wouldn’t have realized that it’s not just about the output, it’s also about that proud feeling you get reminiscing those brave actions you took just to get the success that you desire.
  • Had I chosen to give up when my phone got low-bat, I wouldn’t have won these beautiful freebies (of course, how can I forget these amazing prizes? haha)

Surely, I came into this workshop alone and scared of the results but I ended up going home with abundant knowledge and amazing moments. I got to meet a lot of people who support and inspire one another.

Yay! And take note, I got all of them for free. No hidden charges. All for FREE. My grateful heart goes to the Connected Women Community and its organizers especially to Ma’am Gina. Thank you for inspiring and equipping women like me of the knowledge and courage that we need to pursue our dreams.

To my readers, if you are curious about how Connected Women and its vision works, please visit this link. Be a member now and be inspired to take action towards your dreams!


Love + gratitude,

Kim Jandug

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