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Somewhere out there, someone’s waiting | “No” means “Next”

Nasa point ka na ba ng buhay mo where you feel like you’re collecting rejections? Are you tired of always getting “No” na kunting kembot na lng, mapupuno na ang “Jar of Nasty NOs” mo? If yes, then please hang in there, my dear. Somewhere out there, someone is waiting for you. Reject rejection at all cost because “No” means “Next”.

Well, here’s the thing, in life, we get a lot of rejections.

  • We feel rejection when our loved one leaves us
  • We feel rejection when we didn’t get into our dream job or our dream company or our dream school.
  • We feel rejection when our friends suddenly stopped talking to us.
  • We feel rejection when someone says he doesn’t like us.

And so on…

Rejection is a natural thing. We are bound to get a lot of rejections in our lives. And not being able to reject these rejections will make us live by fear; to stop asking and to stay in our little comfort zone away from uncertainties and growth.


What if I’d tell you now that:

Rejection is just a Myth

Would you believe it?

Of course, you won’t, right? Your ego must be screaming inside you right now, “Are you saying that what I felt when he left me was nothing but a myth? That’s absolute nonsense!”

As much as it hurts to hear this, but yes, rejection is a myth. According to the book – The success Principles- in order to get over rejection, we need to realize that rejection is ONLY NOTHING but a MYTH- that it is something that we just make up inside our heads.

Why? How come?

Imagine this moment when you finally mastered all the courage you have to ask your crush for a dinner but unfortunately, she said “NO”. So you got hurt. But the question is, did you have anyone to have dinner with before and after you asked her? The answer is “NO”, right? In short, your situation didn’t get worse after she said “No”, it just stayed the same and you didn’t lose anything.

It only feels like you lose something when you start telling yourself “See? Sakto kaau sila. No one will ever like someone like me, a boring and ugly human being. I am the worst man in Earth and I will never be able to get a girlfriend”.

Rejection only happens when we start to pity ourselves. So here’s another truth for you today, we have NOTHING to lose by taking risks to ASK. You were fine all by yourself before he came. And now that he’s gone? You’ll be fine, too! So yes, reject rejection because somewhere out there, someone’s waiting for you.

The “SWSWSWSW” spiel

Whenever you get a “NO”, remember this:

So if you are this person who just had a painful breakup. Or if you are this person who just got declined from a desired promotion. Or maybe, you are this person who’s business proposal got rejected.

Then by all means, reject rejection. Hang in there. Keep on asking. Keep on delivering your best. Keep on being “you”. When someone says“NO”, say“Next”. Remember there are 5 billion people and millions of opportunities on Earth! Someone, somewhere, sometime, your sweet“yes”is just out there waiting. Don’t get yourself stuck in resentment and fear. Move on to the next person and to the next opportunity.


The truth is, you never have anything to lose by asking, and because there is something to possibly gain, by all means, ASK. – Jack Canfield, The Success Principles.

See you next post!

Love + gratitude,

Kim Jandug

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