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Get better at trusting yourself | Delightfully Amazing with Kim

6 years ago, I was a LOST fresh graduate. I was edgy and worried of how my life is going to be after college. Most importantly, I was this frightened “little girl” praying to God, day and night for a job that would allow me to support my family and my 2 brothers’ college education. BIG RESPONSIBILITIES, huh? Yes, and at that time, I wasn’t that good at trusting myself. In fact, I always question myself, my judgments, my principles and I always had this “Can I REALLY do it?” mentality.

But you see, over time, I GOT BETTER and BETTER at TRUSTING MYSELF.  I learned to trust “ME”, the path I chose and the decisions I made. I refused to give up and I stubbornly kept going amidst all those emotional struggles.  I learned to take care of myself during those very stressful days at work where I go home with an empty stomach just to receive a text from Mom saying “Nak, wala naman mi kwarta dri”. I learned to believe  that whatever I put my hearts into, I can definitely achieve!


The results?

I had a very abundant career life at the corporate world. I had a total of 4 promotions and was given a lot of work opportunities in just a span of 5 years working in the company.  This allowed me to take care of my family’s financial needs like daily expenses, settling our debts and most importantly, this allowed me to ensure that my 2 brothers would finish college (and THEY DID!, Thank God! ).

Well, I surely CAN’T TAKE ALL THE CREDITS to myself for this. Because all through out those years, I had my mother and the rest of my loved ones PLUS GOD (especially HIM) by my side. They supported me while I was building that “trust for myself”. And because of them, I now got the liberty to follow what my heart desires AFTER EVERYTHING.

So yes, I know its already March, graduation is already around the corner and some of you might be a little bit  anxious of your life after it. But, one advice that I can give to you guys, is to “GET BETTER at TRUSTING YOURSELF”.  And always remember that you are in control of your own life, that you are responsible for the outcome of your life from this point on, and that you’ll get what you want by working hard and trusting everything to GOD.

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